About OTTI

(...and Andrea L)

Architectural Chic: Bold, lightweight accessories + gifts designed to make a statement.

OTTI (pronounced "ah-tee") offers a vibrant collection of bold, lightweight accessories and giftables inspired by architecture and modular design and 100% designed/ manufactured in the Midwest. Founded in 2008 by Andrea Leggitt to keep her mind and hands busy during a (successful!) battle with cancer, Leggitt taps into her industrial design background to deliver clean, architectural designs that are oftentimes modular and always bold. The name itself comes from Otti Berger, one of the women of the Bauhaus, and serves to honor the legacy of women in design.

Focused on design and quality, Leggitt prioritizes wearability and never releases anything before testing out the design herself. All earrings and accessories are extremely lightweight, ensuring comfort (and many compliments!). Thank you for discovering OTTI!

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