Tropical Leopard Archway Earrings
Tropical Leopard Archway Earrings

Tropical Leopard Archway Earrings

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Only one of each combo!

Is it a leopard? Is it a panther? Well lucky you: it can be anything you want! Embrace exotic elegance with our Tropical Leopard Archway Earrings, featuring bold brass or silver leopard archway details. The gold or olive matte ear wires add a contemporary touch, making these earrings a striking accessory for any occasion.

Why are these a discounted sample? The metal surface can scratch easier than other brass/stainless steel designs I've used in the past, so if you're very rough and tough on your earrings... go with the other leopard designs ;) Otherwise: embrace the imperfections and give 'em some personality!

Nickel free, lead free silver plated stud with stainless steel butterfly back
Overall length: 2.25"

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