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PO Box 11496

Portland OR 97211

About OTTI


Industrial designer Andrea Leggitt started SaltyandSweet + OTTI in 2008, as she made mobiles to keep her mind and hands busy while undergoing cancer treatments. At that very same moment in time, Etsy was incubating and poised to completely revolutionize the handmade market. Leggitt listed one mobile on the website shortly after Etsy launched, it sold immediately, and a business was born.

Drawing from her experience as an industrial designer who grew up in a family of architects, all OTTI designs are heavily influenced by architectural design while maintaining a focus on wearability and deliberate use of lightweight materials.

What is OTTI?

After 12 years of doing business as SaltyandSweet Design, it was time for the business to take an evolutionary leap and grow to become OTTI. 

Taking its name from one of the women of the Bauhaus, OTTI is a nod to the generations of women designers whose work paved the way for contemporary women in design.