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BIG MOOD | Power Crystal (size S/M)


BIG MOOD | Power Crystal (size S/M)


Just a totally normal crystal cluster keychain... 

Iridescent acrylic POWER CRYSTAL with holes that fit petite-to-average sized fingers (up to size 10 ring). Also available in L/XL size that fits up to size 13 ring finger; see other listing.

Re: sizing-
If you've ever been told you have small hands or an "average" sized glove fits you without issue, S/M is for you.

Single keychain: $10

Pack of 2: $36 ($18 each)

Pack of 5: $80 ($16 each)

Pack of 10: $150 ($15 each)

LEGAL: Be responsible with this, as it does have sharp points. By completing your purchase, you acknowledge that you have done your research into the brass knuckle laws of your state and OTTI is not responsible for any injury that may occur from this keychain. Sharp; keep away from children. There's a strong chance TSA may take this away from you so in short: just be smart and responsible with this keychain.